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Exploration Survey and Geological Mapping

 • Exploration Planning, Budgeting and Supervision

• Landform Mapping

• Outcrop Observation and Sampling

• Float and Soil/Surface Mapping and Sampling

• Structural Geology Observation and Analyses (fault, joint, fold)

• Hand Auger Sampling

• Stream Sediment Sampling

• Exploration Reporting

• Road Construction

• Land Acquisition

• Topography for Detail Engineering

• Topography for Feasibility Study

• Masterplan DED of airport plan

Topography Survey

We offer all surveying solution for exploration, mining and civil purposes. With our expertise in this field and conducted with the help of latest technology and advanced equipment, we are able to offer total solution for all topographic survey requirements to be delivered of our clients with accurate and precise information.

Our highly dedicated experts and experiences staff can accurately determine the 3D space positions and compiling all the data from the datasets. We have 4 sets of SOKKIA Total Stations that capable to conduct:

• Installing BM

• Stake Out Drilling Holes

• Grid Polygon

Drilling Contractor

With expertise and experience in mineral exploration Nickel laterite, iron ores, gold, Coal and other commodities, NPM has capability in operating the drilling machines. NPM operates 10 rigs of Jacro 200 series and also supported by the existence of Komatsu D3 for drillpad preparation and rig mobilization. We have professional mechanics to check rig engine regularly to ensure the timeframe during drilling production.

NPM provides the small and easy moving rigs with the Max-Drill Type to support fast track production and low cost. NPM guarantees quality of samples and maintains core recovery properly in the mineralization zone, and deliver the competitive rates with the good quality of work. We offer various drilling purpose:

• Regional or Scout Drilling

• Drilling spacing: 400x400, 200x200, 100x100, 50x50, 25x25 meter

• Twin Hole Drilling for Confirmation Drilling Data

• Geostatistic Drilling

Drilling Supervision

In addition to drilling contractor services, NPM provide service of drilling supervision as follow:

• Managing drilling strategic,

• Set up comprehensive drilling plan,

• Daily drilling activity supervision

• Set up sample preparation and assaying at drilling site

• Manage drilling data base

Resource and Reserve Estimations

NPM has prominent resources modelling and estimation expertise in Nickel laterite deposit, however we has capability also for coal and other mineral commodities such as gold, Iron ores, manganese, limestone, tin etc. Our strength are gotten from the combination of solid exploration and mining based practical experiences, and strong technical qualifications in geostatistic, resource estimation and mining reserve estimation. We are used modeling software support our project in resources estimation & mine reserve estimation. Our services including:

• Exploratory Data and Statistical analyses

• 2D global resource

• Geostatistics and Variography

• Linear Geostatistics

• 3D Geological and Block Modeling

• Resource and Reserves Estimations (JORC, KCMI)

• Due Diligence and Independent Resource Reviews


Mine Design

NPM mine design service encompasses life of mine starting from long term (or entire pit design) to short term pit design for short period production report or production progress.

We can control the production progress in line with the ore distribution comply with mining operational, economic and environmental aspect supported by mining software engine for mine design, in-pit resource computation, initial mine planning and conceptual pit design with 3D visualization. This output will give the client or mining contractor an idea to prepare the most appropriate equipment selection and fleet controlled by the production target, cumulative striping ratio, and hauling road distance.

We combine an experience gained through evaluation to complete this jobs satisfy, not just displayed as mathematical model or excellent picture but it will be applicable in the field as nature.

Mine Planning

NPM is able to provide and guarantee the quality and quantity of material during mining production. This framework will be represented by an entire mine planning and in order to optimize the grade and tonnage to maintain the mine life. The comprehensive study combined with equipment selection and pit design will give the client low risk for ores getting dilution.

The mine schedule will deliver correct quality of material with the right grade at the right time and with a minimum of variability on stockpile. The output will be able to have an efficient mining. With our experience, we can advise the best option for the scheduling product presenting in your project..

Mine Operation & Grade Control Management

Mining operation is highly require precise and careful planning, performance feedback, and integration across multiple aspect of production. Leading mining companies realize that they must maximize returns from existing resources through more effective operations management if they are to obtain desired growth.

NPM Consultancy provide assistance for open cut mining operations with provide both long-term planning and operations management assistance. Detailed activity allowing planning team to conduct what-if analysis on proposed design with high qualify geologists and engineers to ensure and enhance day-to-day mining production operations, providing a tool for short term design objectives and performance improvement.

NPM provide Mining Operation management solutions including:

● Mining Sequence of operations: Model operations from existing software designs; safety benches, model shafts, drifts, ramps, mine haul roads, pit roads, pocket ponds, land preparation for rehabilitation program.

● Efficient what-if analysis: Test a range of layout and production alternatives, analyze their performance, all in a risk can delay mine operations.

● Integrate: Combine mine design with operational scheduling to create the ultimate planning environment, leave nothing to chance.

● Good mining practice: implementation step by step good mining

Grade Control

NPM has strong operational experiences and technical backgrounds and employing a multitude of mining methods, exploiting and extracting nickel ore in laterite. We combine and take into account in develop the methodology focuses on pit optimization to determine the cut-off strategy, economic mining depth, size and scale of operation. We have a motto “to guarantee the quality of ore from pit face through stockpile”.

We divide the grade control sampling in mining as grade control sampling and production sampling. For grade control sampling, it will include stripping sampling, face mining, top ore, and special check sampling. In production sampling, it covers ETO and EFO sampling.

Mine Infrastructure

The development objective of the Mining Infrastructure Project are to facilitate investment in infrastructure to support mining and downstream processing activities, regardless of funding source, and to build local capacity to prepare and transact infrastructure projects. NPM has an integrated approach to delivering infrastructure for mining projects. From mine concept to mine closure, the NPM mining and infrastructure teams work closely with client to provide an extensive range of services.

Mine Safety Management

Setting up the layout and design of mining infrastructin accordance with production plans, equipment specification, security and safety aspects with reference to the common standard used in the mining.

Create a budget estimate of mining infrastructure, construction & monitoring of the implementation infrastructure development which include the suitability of design with the construction, health safety and envi- ronmental work, as well as correspondence between the function, safety and esthetics of built infrastructure.


International Acceptance Report

NPM is fully familiar with minimum standard in the reporting requirements under the terms of Joint Ore Reserve Commite (JORC), KCMI. This report requires the materiality,transparency,and competency in the informa- tion to investors in a Tecnical Report for mineral resource and reserve estimate including a preliminary prospectus, preliminary short form prospectus, and exploration target.

The reporting codes require a Component Person who is a member of a relevant professional organization

(for example KCMI) to supervice the classification of the resource estimate and compilation of the supporting documentation. In recent time, NPM has seven Component Persons in Geology, Exploration, and Resource and Reserve Estimations.