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Nico F. Sinaga is principal geologist and president director at PT. Natural Persada Mandiri. He is an experienced geologist who has been working in the nickel exploration over 10 years. He used to work for nickel and other minerals exploration from green field to mining for around 50 project in Selawesi and Halmahera in more than 5 years.



He geraduated from Dept of Geological Engineering of ITB in 1992 and has a MSc and PhD in Earth Sciences from Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan with 22 years of experiences as geologist. He started from academic career turn to industrial experiences with mineral exploration expertise. He publish more than 40 scientific paper nationally and internationally.

Specialization in mineral exploration and geological evaluation, resource estimation, mineral resource reporting under Ni 43-101, JORC 2004, and KCMI 2011 codec, project generation and feasibility studied. Experienced in exploration of laterite nickel, iron ores, base metals, epithermal gold, bauxite diamond of industrial minerals, and also short involvement oil a& gas and geothermal exploration. He has a strong knowledge of regional geology/tectonic, geochemistry, assay QaQc and minerals including sampling methods and various analytical instrument.



Prastowo graduated in mining engineering of the University of UPN, Yogyakarta. He has more than 8 year experiences in mine planning and involved in resources estimation of nickel laterite and limestone. He has capability in statistical and geostatistical analysis of the drilling data using Surpac software including database validation, geological modeling,grade estimation and resources classification. Pit optimization and mine scheduling for long term and short term planning are alsi his expertise. He can also perform geotechnical calculation of slope stability analysis to identify potential hazards zone and slope stability of excavation pit.



Alaudin graduated in geology engineering of the Hasanuddin University, Makassar. He has over 9 years experienced in nickel laterite, gold, and limestone. He experience in gold exploration during in Sukabumi, West Java for PT. Huanghe Mineral Resources and for limestone exploration with PT. BSA at Lebak, Banten. Now he responsible for managing and controlling entire all project including budgeting and cost control at PT. Natural Mandiri Persada.

He graduated from departement of geological engineering of Hasnuddin University, Makassar in 2006. He has many years experiences up stream to downstream in mineral exploration for nickel and chromite, and as grade controller in nickel laterite mining, good understanding and certified in EHS and Quality System. also good in managing project for the national scale project in PT. BSA. He holds as the professional certificate for Pengawas Opersional Pratama (POP). He had responsibility in developing QaQc system for PT. BSA nickel project. Now he responsible for managing and controlling all project at PT. Natural Persada Mandiri.